Nike Air Jordan 1

In 1985 the Air Jordan 1, Michael Jordan`s first signature shoe was released and reinforced Nikes status in basketball footwear. Peter Moore, the man behind the design of the shoe, the “wings” and “ball” logo created the classic silhouette inspiring a whole generation of sneakers to come. While the stories around the “banning” issue are still one of the biggest mysteries in history, yes, we said it, history, the high-top basketball sneaker still became the most popular trainer of the year (and maybe of all time). To say it in the words of Nike`s words ”On October 15, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe” – and changed the sneaker world forever (those are just our 2 cents). On top of that AJ 1 Low, AJ 1 Mid and AJ High are the perfect siblings to the Air Jordan family to complement the authentic look.